July 21, 2016

NSIC Registration

How to Apply NSIC Registration Process ?

The National Small Industries Corporation enlists small scale units as competent to undertake supply of various items to the Government.

The registered units are extended various facilities so as to promote their participation, and consequently enhance the share in Government purchases. NSIC’s registration scheme has been in operation for the last 37 years and was remodeled in May 1976, and is now called the Single Point Registration Scheme.

The rationale of the this Scheme is to avoid multiplicity of registration with various Government agencies and to ensure that the units registered with NSIC are considered at par with those registered directly with the purchasing agency.

Bonafide Directorate of Industries / District Industries Centres are enlisted under this Scheme.

Their technical and commercial competence is verified in advance and this makes their registration with NSIC more meaningful in relation to purchasing agencies.

Though, initially the Scheme was aimed at securing larger share of orders from DGS&D, effective recognition is given to the units registered with NSIC by the Railways, Defence, P&T, and several Public Sector Enterprises. Automatic registration is given to units which are enlisted with NSIC. The units registered under this scheme are manufacturing a broad spectrum of products involving high technology and sophisticated production processes and have become a formidable source of supplies to the Government both at the Centre and States besides Public Sector Undertakings, etc.

Benefits of NSIC Registration

The units registered with NSIC, under the Single Point Registration Scheme are given the following facilities:


    • Issue of tender sets Free of Cost
    • Advance intimation of tenders issued by DGS&D
    • Exemption from payment of earnest money
    • Waiver of security deposit upto the monetary limit for which the unit is registered.
    • Issue of competency certificate in case the value of an order exceeds the monetary limit, after due verification.
  • Besides, the units get other facilities which are available to small scale sector such as consideration of price preference upto 15% on merits over the price quoted by large units and procurement as per the reserved lists.


Micro & small Enterprises which are in continuous production of stores for one year or more and are registered with the Director of Industries (DI) as manufacturing SSI Unit/Small Scale (industry related) Service & Business Enterprises(SSSBE), who own workshop of their own or on lease basis and have the commercial and technical competence to produce stores/provide services for supply to the Government Departments such as DGS&D, Railways, Defence, P&T, Central/State Government Departments and Central/State Government Public Sector Undertakings etc. conforming to BIS or such standards as required by the Government buying agencies.

For the micro & small Enterprises who have commenced the commericial production but not completed one year of existence and hence not able to submit the Audited Balance Sheets and other annexures, the provisional Registration Certificate can be issued to such Micro & Small Enterprises under Single Point Registration Scheme which shall be valid for the period of one year only for the date of issue after levying the registration fee and obtaining the requisite documents. The initial monetary limit for such units will be fixed at Rs. Lac Only. The Provisional Registration Certificate will be valid for the period of one year only. The Provisional Registration Certificate shall to be renewed by the unit before it expiry as per the term and conditions of the Single Point Registration Scheme laid down for the renewal of the registration.

National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC), an ISO 9001 certified company, since its establishment in 1955, has been working to fulfill its mission of promoting, aiding and fostering the growth of small scale industries and industry related small scale services/business enterprises in the country. Over a period of five decades of transition, growth and development, NSIC has proved its strength within the country and abroad by promoting modernization, upgradation of technology, quality consciousness, strengthening linkages with large medium enterprises and enhancing exports – projects and products from small industries.

How to Apply?

Micro & Small Enterprises shall have to apply on the prescribed application form in Duplicate and to be submitted to the concerned Zonal/Branch Office of NSIC located nearest to the unit. In case of any difficulty in filling the application form and completing the documentation, please consult any of the Zonal / Branch office of NSIC. The application form containing Terms & conditions are available free of cost from all offices of the NSIC.

The guidelines attached with the Application Form provide a checklist for the documents that are required to be submitted along with the application.

Registration Process

The unit has to apply on the prescribed application form available from NSIC, New Delhi and its Regional and Branch Offices. Application forms are also available from Small Industries Service Institutes (SISI) and District Industries Centres (DIC). The forms are priced at Rs.25 per set.

The Application form, duly filled in and with the requisite documents, in triplicate along with a processing fee of Rs.250/- is to be submitted to the concerned office of NSIC, who, in turn, will forward one copy to the concerned SISI for a capacity report. Based on the reports, and completion of documentation, the unit is given registration. The procedure has recently been simplified, and guidelines attached with the application form provide a checklist for the documents that are required to be submitted alongwith the application.

Documents Required for Renewal

1. Original GP Registration Certificate.
2. A Copy of the Permanent Account Number (PAN CARD).
3. Copy of valid SSI Registration Certificate
4. List of major Govt. Orders executed during last 2 (two) years.
5. Copies of Audited Balance sheet for last 3 years duly signed by the authorized person under his seal
6. Annexure ‘C’ of GP Application form duly signed by Chartered Accountant
7. List of addition/deletion in the plant and machinery after the registration.
8. Annexure ‘D’ and ‘E’ duly signed by MSE.
9. For renewal of registration where monitory limit is more than Rs 10 Crores and inspection has not been carried out by Technical Inspecting Agency or NSIC during the last one year, such units will be inspected by the respective Branch Office of NSIC before issue of renewal Certificate. The Inspection fees shall be equivalent to Inspection fee charged by the Rites.

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