August 18, 2016

Part Time CFO Services

As businesses grow, it becomes necessary for them to be able to obtain professional financial advice on a regular basis, but it is often not budget friendly to hire a full-time CFO or controller. Being in this position is a sign that your company is becoming more successful, so it is important to embrace the opportunity to continue growing without negatively impacting your profit margin. is pleased to provide a viable solution that will enable you to receive the financial advice that you need for an affordable cost. This will minimize your expenses and enable you to focus on continual growth. features a robust part-time CFO Service that gives our valued clients access to a professional financial manager. Our professional team will work with your organization on a part-time basis in order to help guide your business toward long-term, sustainable growth and success. offers part-time CFOs, senior accountants and controllers, and each of our professionals has the necessary training and experience to help you problem solve and take care of any immediate accounting and finance needs. Working with will allow your organization to continue expanding and taking on new projects, and you will benefit from the flexibility that we provide.

Hiring even a part-time CFO for your business could cost you more than $100,000 per year, and this does not even include benefits and bonuses. Fortunately,’s part-time CFO services can give you a high level of experience and skill for a mere fraction of the typical CFO salary.

The Perks of Utilizing

  • You’ll have the necessary time to focus on your core business functions
  • You’ll benefit from obtaining a better understanding of the financial aspects of your company
  • You’ll be able to make wiser business decisions after learning true and hard financial numbers
  • You can bounce tough business decisions off of a professional sounding board
  • You’ll have the peace of mind that is associated with having a professional oversee and protect the financial aspects of your company
  • Our professionals will establish financial controls to increase profit and reduce internal theft
  • We offer training and management of your entire financial staff
  • The timeliness and quality of your financial information will be greatly improved
  • You’ll receive assistance with budget preparation and monitoring
  • We offer a profitability analysis by product line or service
  • Your company will benefit from a trend analysis, our tax saving strategies and improved cash management
  • We’ll provide you with assistance for long-term planning and the quantification of your goals
  • Our professionals will liaison with attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, vendors and more!
  • We provide assistance with acquisitions, mergers and receiving bank financing and insurance policies, including the negotiation process
  • We’ll help you develop an accounting procedures manual
  • You’ll receive a cost saving analysis of any expansions and new equipment offers our part-time CFO services for a fixed monthly fee, and this will allow you to keep growing without adding an exorbitant salary to your budget. Please complete this web form to learn more about how we can help your company grow!

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